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Hello! These are things I like and things I do and sometimes even things I like to do. Thank you! Happy Christmas!

it’s a cruel, (it’s a cruel) cruel winter

It’s fairly barbaric that January, the herald of reinvention, resolution and rebirth, is a time of utterly desolate weather here in the north. Everything is gray and dead and frozen. But if you’ve been on Pinterest for all of two seconds, you’re sure to have seen that Camus quote about invincible summer. Let’s make that invincible summer manifest with copious amounts of Alice + Olivia and PINK.

Alice + Olivia Clare Tank Maxi Dress. The only way to capture summer more succinctly is to throw in a free grill and a soul-crushing level of humidity.

Alice + Olivia Ethan Boxy Sweater. Yes, it’s a sweater, which doesn’t exactly bellow SUMMER, but it’s lightweight! Sheer! MAGENTA! It’ll work for summer and it’ll work for the rest of the year and you’ll be adorable regardless of season.

Alice + Olivia Cady Cuff Shorts. Pink shorts. You just can’t lose with pink shorts. I had a pair of cuffed pink/white striped shorts in the fourth grade and I was the coolest. Trust me. Yes of course I paired the shorts with a voluminous, tucked-in, poofed-out white T.

Alice + Olivia Jana Ankle Strap Wedge Sandals. “Pink snakeskin wedge sandal” translates to “run, don’t walk.” In every language. Janus, for whom January is named, demands you buy these shoes. Do not disregard the decree of Janus.

Pink Lady cocktail. You can’t celebrate summer without a tasty, effervescent concoction of gin, and there is no better representative of the intersection of summer, pink and gin than the Pink Lady cocktail. Now, I hear you: it’s pink, it looks girly, it’s called a "Pink Lady," that sounds silly, I drink scotch and all the boys love me, a bloo bloo bloo wonk. LISTEN. The Pink Lady is not to be dismissed out of hand. She boasts a sizable amount of gin AND applejack. A paltry dash of grenadine provides the darling pink hue and that’s about all it does. It contains an EGG WHITE! Frothy fizz makes cocktails SUPER FUN! Don’t be such a dummy. Drink your Pink Lady in your pink shorts and your pink snakeskin wedges aaaack they are so great and reflect on how awesome your life is, even if it does happen to be 20 degrees outside.

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Pretty in Pink by Gabrielle Wee.
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